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Denverasfalto EL

Asphalt modified with elastomers, applied with heat

Elastomeric asphalt obtained by modification of Petroleum Asphalt Cement (PAC) and addition of SBS polymers  (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene). The result is a product with impermeability inherent to the asphalt, ductility and outstanding resiliency. Solid at room temperature, was fluidized when heated to temperatures of 130 ° to 180 ° C . Has great adhesion properties, and exceptional elasticity and excellent elongation characteristics, low temperature flexibility and resistance to fatigue


Consumption: 2,5 to 3,5 kg / m² / coat

Packaging: 25 kg bag

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Where to use

Collage of polymer asphalt blankets , pavement joints and mechanical protection filling , such as vapor barrier in cold rooms (under the insulation) as on-site molding system in planters, troughs, cold areas etc, properly structured with textile reinforcements (Veil or heat stabilized polyester fabric) or resin-coated glass fiber according to the requests of each area and project design.

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