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Denvermanta Elastic AL

Aluminized Manta: protection for non-transitable areas

Elastic AL is a self-protected asphalt mantle that has the exposed face coated with embossed aluminum foil. It has asphalt base modified with elastomers, being structured with non-woven reinforcement polyester filament.


Finish: AL

Asphalt Mass: A

Thicknesses: 3 and 4 mm

Consumption: 0.115 RL / m²

Packaging: 3 mm - Pallets 25 RL / 4 mm - Pallets 20 RL

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Where to use

Non-transitable roofing slabs, vaulted slabs, sheds, domes, marquees, prefabricated tiles, metal and asbestos-handling precast tiles, over thermal insulation in industrial areas, as well as other possibilities.

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